Our sensitivity to the inevitable changes in mobility that age and infirmity bring, stems from years of personal experience in the healthcare field and with our own families. It is this understanding that sets us apart. We know how depressing it is to be unable to bathe or shower without assistance... and we have the know-how to help.

With Father and Sons Services quality installations we can restore confidence and independence.

When the well-being of a dear one at home or the reputation of a new or established care facility, retirement community, or apartment complex is at issue, it is mandatory that bathroom conversions be entrusted to a provider with the finest credentials.

For over fifteen years our careers in the area of healthcare have earned us the trust and respect of all we serve.


Safety is our main consideration. The bathroom can be a hazardous environment, especially for the physically challenged. Often, old tubs can leach lead or be a breeding ground for germs and mildew. Slick surfaces could cause a fall.
Father and Sons Services improves bathroom appearance, function, and safety, economically. We stand behind our conversions with guarantee of quality and service before and after each job is done.

We have completed hundreds of installations in Boston Area — in private homes, apartment complexes, assisted living and retirement communities that cater to seniors and the physically challenged. The satisfaction of customers confirms the value and excellence of our work and the superiority of our customer service